When: Wednesday, May 6th at 7:30 pm   

Join your colleagues across Canada to discuss key questions, concerns and ideas as they relate specifically to small/medium fairs during this pandemic as the situation evolves.

We encourage you to submit questions or "thought-starters" in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMPORTANT: Please forward this email to all directors in your Agricultural Society.  As per the previous calls, a video recording of this call will be available on our website after the call.

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You may register at any time, but we suggest registering prior to the call due to the large number of participants.

When you register, you will be asked to input your name, email address – please verify your email address is correct. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar either by your computer or phone. If you don’t receive a confirmation email – please contact me – we ran into a couple instances where the email was entered incorrectly so they didn’t receive the registration email.

Please see the OAAS website for more information on how to participate in a Zoom meeting -  https://www.ontarioagsocieties.com/images/2020/Zoom_Instructions_for_COVID10_video_conference.pdf

NOTE: If you haven’t used Zoom before, I suggest you start the process of logging in 30 minutes before the call starts to allow time for the app to download to your computer or smartphone.

If you have problems logging in with your computer for the call you may dial into the call on your cellphone or landline phone – those numbers are in your registration letter - check the provided numbers to verify if you could be charged long distance charges.

If you have been advised not to use Zoom for security reasons, you may dial into the call on your cellphone or landline phone.

Important points:

When you log into the call you will be put on hold (in a Waiting Room) until the call starts.

All callers will be muted by the system. Input questions and comments in the ‘Chat’ option.

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OAAS Manager