OAAS 175th Anniversary

A glimpse into the past provides a great deal of insight into the present. The OAAS is 175 years old this year!
Glancing at our history emphasizes the reality of the transformative change that has taken place for the Provincial body of the Agricultural Societies in Ontario and what is yet to come.  


 This is the official members' website for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.  The OAAS is the provincial association representing over 200 Agricultural Societies from across the province.  Its mission is a resource for its Members, by providing leadership through communication and education and encouraging the promotion of a rural way of life in Ontario.

  • Instructions for contacting Federal Minister of Agriculture, MPs and Senators re: Livestock Traceability click here
  • Letter for Ag Minister_MPs_Senators re Livestock Traceability Requirements _ Feb 2020 click here
  • RequirementsTraceability Responsibilities for Owners and Exhibitors showing or displaying their livestock on Fairgrounds click here    NOTE: please provide a copy of this information to your exhibitors
  • Traceability Factsheet for Agricultural Societies_ July 2019 click here Updated Aug 29 2019
  • Traceability Requirements Guide for Agricultural Societies click here Updated Aug 29 2019
  • July 2019 OAAS email to Agricultural Societies click here

Templates for Recording/Reporting required information – fillable PDF

  • Replacement Tag Record  - Ruminants (Cattle, Sheep, Bison) click here
  • Replacement Tag Record  - Pigs click here
  • Animal Movement Report  - Pigs (Manifest) click here
  • Animal Movement Record  - Sheep click here 
  • Animal Carcass Manifest - Pig Death click here  
  • Animal Death Record - Cattle, Bison, Sheep click here
  • PigTRACE Manifest click here

For more information contact:

Vince Brennan
Manager OAAS
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Ph. 613-395-2465 

Christina Franc
Executive Director CAFE
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Ph. 800-663-1714 Ext. 700